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Pirate Ship Black Raven Adventures

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Sail aboard the Black Raven and encounter another pirate ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge with the Blackbeard’s own crew ready for battle.

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Check website for updated schedule. At last Orlando has met its match. No other attraction can live up to this exhilarating and unique experience, this cruise starts off with the Blackbeard dashing onboard the Black Raven, stealing the treasure chest and sword fighting his way out of the chaos he just created. The crew of Black Raven quickly decides to set sail and chase him down out on the bay.A sea battle is anticipated and all the kids onboard are called to duty. This new crew needs to be trained in sword fighting. They need to quickly be battle ready. Pretty soon, Blackbeard’s ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge will be spotted out on the bay. She is flying her red battle flag which means, “No Quarter Given, No Mercer Shown” Time for action. After a successful sea battle with cannon fire, broadsiding and sword fights, Black Raven will win the battle and the commandeered booty will be shared among the young crew.