Oldest Wooden School House

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Built prior to 1763, the school remains as it was over two centuries ago.

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The oldest wooden schoolhouse in the United States dates back to the early 18th century. Located near the Old City Gates in the area that was known as the "Minorcan Quarter," the house was originally a homestead belonging to Juan Genoply. The building is constructed of red cedar and cypress. Everything was made by hand, even the nails. Wooden pegs keep the timbers in place.

Open every day except Christmas.

Field Trip Options: An Old School Program
Time: Approximately 30 minutes

  • British and Minorcan History: Impact on the development of St. Augustine.
  • Minorcan Culture, Customs and Skills: Their effect on the transformation of St. Augustine from a primary Military Port to a growing seaside town and their contributions to the development of the indigo industry.
  • The Genopoly Homestead: Colonial life in the 18th & 19th Centuries.
  • The Oldest Wooden School House: Education tools and supplies, lessons and subjects learned, barter system, one teacher for all students of varying ages and “grades”, classroom conditions, respect / discipline / manners. ALL STUDENTS RECEIVE A DIPLOMA!