Full Description

Herb N Chick aims to create a health driven community where individuals can engage in fun outdoor activities together. The facility is designed to promote both education and fitness through hands-on programs and exercises in an open space with four acres of land and an eight acre lake. Herb N Chick offers a wide range of hobbies and sports, from school field trips and growing nutritional foods in the garden, to fishing clubs and archery classes that welcomes individuals of all ages and skill levels.

Herb N Chick offer both field trip opportunities as well as birthday party packages!


  • Petting Pals
  • Fishing Club
  • ​Family friendly games
  • Explore Archery
  • Educational field trips/Projects
  • ​Growing and raising fresh healthy foods
  • Senior Visits, Home School Activities

Field Trips: *All gear and equipment provided

  • Archery
  • Fishing
  • Petting Pals
  • Games


Have your next party or birthday party at Herb N Chick! Party Fee $100 Hour /$50 for each additional hour and includes:

  • Herb N Chick will coordinate, personalize, and host so all you have to do is send the invitations, bring the food and take the pictures!
  • Set up…your decorations, tables, games, and your food, cake and favors
  • Archery, Fishing, Giant Games, Furry Friends