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Farm Life Foundation

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A non-profit educational organization offering tours, programs and events which bring together people with animals and plants.
  Bringing farm education and people together again.

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The Farm Life Foundation is a non-profit educational organization located at NaVera Farms in Callahan Florida. It offers tours, programs and events which brings together people with animals and plants. It was established to originally serve as a local and regional destination for children and adults who want to learn and at times remember what is important for sustainability and living responsibly.  This day to day learning is focused on the value of "true" food awareness for both the human and animal species.

NaVera Farms gives priority to the animals and the land which supply all living entities with a safe and healthy environment. Most of the animals at Farm Life Foundation have been either rescued or adopted.  Farm Life Foundation ensures a commitment to raising awareness for the prevention of over population of animals as pets or for breeding.