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Asbury Arts offers classes in dance, music, tumbling, taekwondo, and art for ages 2 and up.

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Asbury Arts offers:

Dance Classes -- Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern/Contemporary, and Hip Hop

Baton Twirling -- Baton twirling classes will teach hand twirls, rolls and tosses.  As students move past the basic introductory, a variety of catches and releases are introduced. 

Music Lessons -- Most students take private lessons in their music instrument of choice, but occasionally there will be instruction in a group class setting. 

Musical Theater / Acting -- Dramatic play, monologues, and scene development are components of this class.  

Art -- Paint, Sculpt, Sketch, Color Exploration, Collage, Multimedia, Realism, Abstract, Impressionism and more. 

Tumbling -- Tiny Tumblers for ages 3 to 5 -- An introduction to floor work gymnastics.  Creativity and fun exercises are taught to build flexibility and strength.
                   Tumbling for ages 6 and up -- Students work their way from beginning level I classes to our advanced level 4 classes while learning gymnastics floor work and tumbling skills. Learned skills include dive rolls, hand stands, cartwheels, round-offs, walk-overs, handsprings, back tucks, & aerials

Taekwondo -- This is a Korean Martial Art form. Students learn terminology and forms (series of movements) for each color/level belt.