Driver Education Classes - St. Johns County


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All classes are available only to enrolled high school students who reside in St. Johns County. Home-schooled and private school students must attend at the public high school for which they are zoned.

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Phase I: Learner Permit Preparation
This program is conducted at each public high school from 8 a.m. till 9 a.m. for a 12-day cycle.

Cost: FREE
12-hour class
Provide information about the safe operation of a motor vehicle on Florida roadways

Students must apply for their learner permit at a St. Johns County Tax Collector office location ONLY. Course completion data is not available outside St. Johns County. Students must still complete the 4-hour online Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education Course (TLSAE) prior to receiving their learner permit. Visit for an approved list of vendors.

Phase II: Behind the Wheel

Cost: $300 – A 10% discount is offered to students who complete ‘Phase I – The Learner Permit Class’ offered by the St. Johns County Tax Collector or are enrolled in the Free or Reduced Cost Lunch Program at their respective high school. Fee does not include the cost of receiving an operator’s license. That cost will be paid at the St. Johns County Tax Collector's office when the actual license is issued.
27-hour class
Designed to improve students’ driving skills and confidence with practical experience
Registration & Schedule.
Students must have at least 20 hours of driving experience prior to taking this class.

Students can only attend at the high school where they are enrolled. Home-schooled and private school students must attend at the public high school for which they are zoned.

Students must attend all days of class. Please make sure to coordinate the dates with sports/activity schedules before you sign up.

The 27-hour program begins with a classroom lecture that focuses on the concepts of being a Defensive Driver, laws that relate to the operation of a motor vehicle, as well as course safety procedures. The 25-hour “Behind the Wheel” portion of the training starts on an off-road site working on braking, backing, parking and lateral control movements. Once it has been determined that each student can safely control a motor vehicle, we introduce the student to driving in traffic situations as they drive on roadways within St. Johns County with a Certified Instructor.