Anti Bullying Program with Magician Mark Alan


Anti Bullying Program with Magician Mark Alan
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Mark Alan presents an anti-bullying program that’s sure to make a difference at your elementary school or public library.

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Stop the bullying
Tell someone
Ask for help
Nobody deserves bullying
Don't be a bystander

Mark Alan has been performing his "Just for Fun", "Character Counts” and “Reading is Fun” magic Programs in schools and libraries all over Florida for more than twenty years. Kids love Mark's fast- paced, interactive programs, and teachers and librarians love that the kids are learning while having fun!

We all know that bullying is a huge safety concern. STAND Against Bullying is a great program to kick off and/or reinforce your anti-bullying initiatives.

STAND Against Bullying is a 45 minute program that deals with this serious topic in a fun manner using comedy, magic, ventriloquism, musical routines, and lots of interaction to help give kids the tools to S.T. A. N. D. against Bullying!