African-American Homeschoolers of Jacksonville


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African-American Homeschoolers of Jacksonville(AAHJ), is a local homeschooling group that provides field trips and other opportunities for social engagement.

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African American Homeschoolers of Jacksonville was established in 2012. The group was started in order to provide social enrichment opportunities for African American families homeschooling in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Despite increasing rates of homeschooling within the African American community, it is difficult to find groups where our children feel represented and not a significant minority. AAHJ seeks to fill the void by providing a safe space for our children to learn, grow, and travel through this homeschooling journey together. This group is open to families that are home-educating children of color. Members can enjoy regular field trip opportunities, park days, teen workshops, college tours, and more. Members are also welcome to participate in Sankofa Homeschool Parent Extension Program. Visit for more details.