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Trinity Christian Academy

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Trinity Christian Academy
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Founded in 1967 to meet the academic, spiritual, and physical needs of our K-12 students and to equip them with the life skills and character training necessary for success beyond the classroom.

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For over 50 years, we have been educating students both scholastically and spiritually. Our dedication to graduating students with integrity, discipline and an ability to think clearly and biblically is proven through our commitment to teaching and requiring students to live honorably, exceeding the world’s standards.

The Elementary consists of Pre- Kindergarten and Kindergarten through 6th grade. Our highly qualified and certified teachers provide a strong foundation for education, spirituality, and essential life skills development. Our academic program is enhanced by special opportunities through chapel, music, physical education, foreign language, technology, athletics, and the new, state-of-the art elementary media center.

The Junior High program serves students in grades 7 – 8. In addition to academics, a wide range of school sports are offered. Private and group music lessons are also offered. Each student has seven classes each day and learns to accept responsibility for both school materials and schedules. The Junior High faculty are well-equipped to minister to each student and reinforce Biblical values.

The High School program encompasses grades 9 – 12. For students at this level of our Upper Division, the primary academic emphasis is college preparation and life beyond education. We believe in ministering and guiding students through continued rigorous academics with an emphasis on Biblical lessons. Our honors college preparatory program is designed to help students grow accustomed to college-level courses while remaining mindful of potential scholarship opportunities.