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Play your way into building a stronger and more connected relationship with your child.  This group is led by a Licensed Counselor with over 10 years of experience working with children, adolescents and parents.  This group is currently for parents with children ages 5 to 7. Each play group is $35 per group.  Your first play group session is free!  Play group sizes are limited.  Must RSVP in advance.

What to Expect:

•    Connection - Use the power of healthy touch and social interaction in our play activities to build attachment between kids and their parents.

•    Play – Play fun and interactive games that encourage joy, laughter and positive development.

•    Creativity – Encourage kids and parents to use their imaginations to think of unique ways of learning how to connect outside of play group sessions.

Research shows that children who feel more connected with their parents or caregivers are more likely to engage in positive behaviors, respect their parents and build healthy future relationships.