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Martial arts, leadership and anti-bullying classes.

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LITTLE RHINOS™ is a fun introduction to beginner martial arts for preschoolers ages 3 - 5. Through drills, skills and games, this class teaches the moves, curriculum and protocol they need at the start of their journey towards black belt. Little Rhinos also learn important values like self-control, focus, confidence, self-esteem, assertiveness, teamwork, manners, respect and attitude.

Basic Classes

These classes are for children ages 5 - 12 and 13 - 17 (Basic Teen). Core curriculum consists of kicking, blocking, forms, self-defense and fundamentals of martial arts. The Character Education program is implemented daily and is designed to provide students instruction to build character and leadership skills, along with tools to measure their progress and understanding. Teen curriculum adds real life defense, while focusing on the development of strength, flexibility and cardiovascular ability.  Get the whole family involved with our Family Basic classes offered in some locations.

Advanced Leadership Classes

These Leadership classes excel our students on the road to black belt. The 60 minute classes advance your child’s character education with 24 monthly topics including individuality, friendship, self-reliance, self-control, goal setting, courage, and generosity. Entrance into program is by application only. In Leadership class, they begin to apply martial arts to their practice and sparring. Leadership students have committed to a program that has no class limitations, as training is more frequent, fast paced and rewarding. 


This bullying and predator prevention program is comprised of 12 weekly lessons on Bullying Prevention and 12 separate lessons on Predator Prevention. The lessons were developed based on research from reputable sources specializing in child safety, child psychology, and crime prevention. Every lesson is stand-alone, ensuring students can enter the course at any time. This program is designed to ensure that students have the ARMOR® needed to stand tall against bullying behavior and predator activity – both online and in their everyday lives.