Pak’s Karate Academy Mandarin

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Karate classes offered for ages 3 and up.

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The Pak's Karate program is designed on the concepts of self-defense and character development. The principles stressed at Pak’s Karate of Mandarin are respect, confidence, discipline, focus, self-control, physical health, and a positive attitude.

  • Children's Karate - a safe and exciting atmosphere for children to enjoy physical activity and the benefits of Martial Arts.
  • Family Karate - designed to promote family participation both as supporters and students.
  • Teen’s Karate - Along with the benefits of Martial Arts, teens are taught to avoid negative peer pressure and encouraged toward excellence in all aspects of life.
  • Adult's Karate - Men and women discover the health benefits of the program through both mental and physical training.

Pak's Karate Academy also offers Martial Arts instruction in the after school programs of many Northeast St. John's County Elementary Schools. Classes begin immediately after the final bell and many schools open the karate classes to all students, even if they are not members of the after school program.