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Nemours BrightStart!

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Nemours BrightStart!, the first program of its kind in the nation, researches, develops and offers evidence-based tools targeting young children at risk for reading failure.

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Nemours, one of the nation's leading pediatric health systems, created Nemours BrightStart! which develops unique programs and tools targeting preschool aged children at risk for reading failure. Reading failure affects 30 percent or more of our nation's children and is linked to health outcomes, making it a major child health issue. To address this persistent national problem, specially trained NBS! staff provide free screenings in child care centers, libraries, schools and other community locations to help identify children who are behind their peers in reading readiness skills. These screenings take about 10 minutes per child and measure critical language and print awareness skills.
For those children scoring below a cutoff point on the screening tool Nemours BrightStart! has developed an educational program to provide developmentally appropriate, targeted instruction to teach reading readiness skills to small groups of at-risk three, four and five year old children that has been proven effective using the highest research standards and which has demonstrated a significant and lasting impact on helping thousands of children.