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The Jericho School is a private non-profit school for children with autism and other developmental disabilities. It provides comprehensive individualized instruction that is based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis and B.F. Skinner’s analysis of Verbal Behavior.

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The Jericho School is the longest serving school for children with autism in the state of Florida that utilizes Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior. The Jericho School has Low student-to-teacher ratio to maximized individualized attention throughout the entire day. Instruction at the school is based on a comprehensive approach and a completely individualized methodology meant to reach individual students in the most meaningful and productive manner.

  • For children with autism or any other learning or developmental delay
  • Science based curriculum utilizing (ABA) Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Low student-to-teacher ratio to maximize individual attention
  • Focus on language skills utilizing B.F.Skinner’s analysis of Verbal Behavior
  • Longest serving school in Florida utilizing ABA and Verbal Behavior
  • Approved school that is able to accept The John McKay and Gardiner Scholarships

The Jericho School has a continuum of services that are offered in efforts to tailor our programs for each individual student and to be able to serve more children and families.

Full Time and Part Time School  We offer a variety of individual and classroom programs that are designed to provide the appropriate level of instruction for each student. Each students program is designed using the Assessment of Basic Language and Learner Skills (ABLLS) and/or the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP).  A comprehensive Individual Student Plan (ISP) is developed to identify specific goals and objectives.

Communication Clinic The Communication Clinic is designed for students who may not need to be enrolled in The Jericho School full-time but still need some individualized attention to focus on particular areas of development. The Clinic provides hourly instruction on a one-to-one basis with each clinic student working with a trained experienced clinic therapist. The Clinic allows us to focus on specific needs for the student during the clinic hours.

ABA Kindergarten Program The ABA Kindergarten Program will provided a comprehensive and individualized educational program utilizing a low student to teacher ratio (2:1) to maximize individualized instruction and small group opportunities. The focus will be on intensive language intervention as well as working on academic skills and social skills. The Program will operate on a typical school calendar, five days per week from 9:00am until 12:10pm.

Intensive ABA Summer Program The Intensive Summer Program is four weeks of intensive Applied Behavior Analysis and Verbal Behavior services for children with developmental disabilities. Each child will receive a comprehensive and Individualized Program with identified goals and objectives for acquisition of targeted skills. You can choose a two week program or take advantage of all four weeks for the Intensive Individualized Summer Program.

Community Outreach Program The Community Outreach Program allows The Jericho School to provide parents’ and other community members’ access to training and education training free of charge. The program increases parents and service provider’s knowledge, skills and abilities for working with children with autism; teaching specific skills, reducing inappropriate behaviors and developing language skills.

Decades of research documents the effectiveness of Applied Behavior Analysis in reducing inappropriate behavior and increasing communication and appropriate social behavior. The United States Surgeon General has endorsed intensive behavior intervention as the most effective treatment for individuals with autism and other developmental delays. As a non-profit organization The Jericho School is dedicated to providing the highest quality of services and is always committed to Progress over Profits. 

We welcome the opportunity to provide you with more information about our programs and services. Please feel free to call (904) 744 -5110 or email You can also find more information on our website: