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Baby Signing Time Curriculum with children and their families, teachers and staff, schools, pediatricians, and anyone else that may be interested in learning sign language.

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Reduce your frustrations by providing your family with a language in which you can communicate with your child sooner than he or she may be able to articulate or produce the words orally.  This will provide him or her with a foundational language to build upon.

Come Sign With Us provides a comfortable environment for Hearing or Deaf children and parents, Deaf Parents with Deaf children, and Deaf parents with hearing children.  Let’s open the doors of communication with sign language while having fun!

Day Classes:

  • $35/month
  • $85/10 class package
  • Drop In rate is $10/a class
  • Sibling discounts offered!
  • ​Classes are every Thursday at 10:00 at Well Women 360

Night Classes:

  • TBD
  • The cost is $72 /6 weeks
  • Our Drop In rate is $15 a class/a classs
  • Sibling discounts offered!

Come Sign With Us can provide workshops or training to staff members of any kind. From homeschool groups or daycares to medical workers and everything in between! They plan on offering a summer camp in 2018!
They can also provide classes at your home, day care, church or community location. Please contact for more information!