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Museum of Inventions and Creating - The Cade Museum

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Rather than teaching subjects in isolation, unconnected to daily life, they teach and inspire through inventions, creating an interlocking tapestry of experiences. Like the best museums, the Cade Museum will provide great experiences with interactive learning, programs, and opportunities to grow into your creative potential. "Living Exhibits" connect local and national inventors, entrepreneurs, and creative problem solvers with school children and adults alike. At the Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention their philosophy is arranged along an arc of Think like an inventor or entrepreneur, Meet an inventor or entrepreneur and Be an inventor or entrepreneur that guides the creation of the museum’s exhibits and programs. Using this guiding arc enables them to connect concepts in the exhibits with programming, thus creating a cohesive message of creativity and invention

Field Trips:

At the Cade they inspire students to think like an inventor by showing them how to apply core science concepts through hands-on projects.

Each 2-hour field trip includes three main components:

  • ​Pillars of Science: Core content that correlates with CPALMS and NGSS Standards
  • Invention: Learning through the lens of inventors and their inventions
  • Explorations: Sparking creativity through hands-on projects and “Make & Takes”

​Field trips are $14 per student with a minimum of 14 students and a maximum of 30 students.

Birthday Party Packages:

  • Super Slime Time! - choose from the 5 versions of their super-secret slime recipe!
  • Lights, Lasers, Actions! - includes all 5 fast-paced experiments.
  • Magnets and More! - an attractive combination of in-lab and take-home experiments!