Wolfson Children’s Rehabilitation


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Short Description

Comprehensive, family-centered services to children from infancy through adolescence who have neurological or musculo-skeletal impairments due to injury, illness or congenital developmental conditions

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Full Description

Service to help children function to their full potential in their everyday life activities.  This is accomplished hrough a multi-disciplinary approach which includes occupational, physical and speech therapists as well as maintaining close contact with other medical professionals on the child's medical team.

Therapists provide services within the Newborn Intensive Care Unit, inpatient services for all of Wolfson Children's Hospital and outpatient services in satellite clinics. Together, our therapists treat a wide variety of medical and developmental diagnoses and conditions that include:

Arthritis (juvenile rheumatoid arthritis)
Brachial plexus injury
Cerebral palsy
Craniofacial disorders
Cognitive and perceptual deficits
Developmental delays
Down syndrome
Fine and gross motor coordination deficitis
Hand injuries
Language/learning disorders
Muscular disorders
Neurologically based disorders
Oral/motor, feeding and swallowing disorders
Orthopedic conditions
Pain management
Pervasive developmental disorder (including autism)
Voice disorders

Special programs:

Aquatic Therapy
Babies Early Development Clinic
Sports and Orthopedic Program
Laser Cranial Scanning
Let's Get it Write! Handwriting Club
Little Bites Feeding Program
SpeechEasy® Fluency Device
Wheelchair and Seating Clinic