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Plata Schott Attorneys & Counselors


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Plata Schott Attorneys & Counselors at Law is a full-service firm. Partners, Belkis Plata and Shannon Schott are Jacksonville natives, and Board Certified Specialists in Juvenile Law.

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Dealing with legal trouble can be intimidating, especially if you don’t understand the complexities of the local legal system. When you’ve got a date with justice, reach out to Plata Schott Attorneys & Counselors at Law.  They’ll go over the circumstances surrounding your case and make sure you know what to expect in court. Their attorneys will go to court on your behalf and negotiate with the State Attorney to achieve the best possible outcome.

Attorneys speak both English and Spanish. Schedule a consultation with Plata Schott Attorneys & Counselors at Law by calling (904) 619-5244.