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Jax Social Moms and Tots


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For the Southside, Intracoastal West and Beaches area. Most meet-ups are between 9-11am Monday-Friday.

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This group strives to give little ones a chance to meet playmates, and let them grow to be healthy and happy . They hold meetups several times a week and ask members to attend at least one meetup each month. They often include events like storytimes, park time , the Zoo, museums, in-home playdates, and other fun activities. In order to join the group, you are required to attend a public playdate before becoming approved members. After that you're given an 30-day trial period to see if the group is a good fit for you and your child(ren). After the trial period, membership dues of $12 that cover 1 year of membership are required if you choose to stay with the group.