Emergency Preparedness - Special Needs


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The Duval County Emergency Preparedness Division maintains a registry of clients who have been identified as persons with Special Medical Needs. These individuals require assistance during evacuations and sheltering.

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A person qualifying for special needs is predominantly someone who is medically dependent on electricity (i.e. electricity needed for life supporting equipment). This may also include a person with regular need for assistance with medications and/or observation, dementia, chronic conditions that require assistance and persons with contagious health conditions that require minimal precautions or isolation (rare in shelter).

Any person that meets the above criteria and plans to use a public shelter during an evacuation should register by filling out the form on the website or by contacting the Emergency Preparedness Office by phone (904-630-2472).

* A new registry is created each year starting in January. Each client must re-register every year to remain in the system.