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The A+ College Prep Planner was designed to make college planning easier for parents and students.

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Planning for college is the first step in the path to college admissions and earning a college degree. So, congratulations on taking the first step in your college admissions process! This step-by-step guide focuses on each year of high-school and encourages 9th – 12th grade students to take an active role in their educational development and future plans to attend college.

At one time, a college education was a privilege available only to the very wealthy. Today, colleges include students of all cultures, ethnic groups, and socio-economic backgrounds. Can "YOU" go to college too?

If you are determined to earn your college degree, you must begin a college preparation process.  You must be willing to meet the academic requirements, achieve a competitive score on the ACT or SAT admissions test, complete all portions of the admissions application, and meet the financial responsibilities required to apply, enroll, and matriculate at the college of your choice.