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Do you feel like the school is working against you or not listening to you about your child?

​​Do they make you feel frustrated, hopeless or sometimes bullied or overrun?

​​Do you doubt the school is being upfront and transparent about services during meetings about your child?

​​Would you like to level the playing field, be more confident, and get the peace of mind you're looking for?

We can guide you through the process and help you make sure your child is receiving the services, help and accommodations they need in order to learn!

Put an end to your stress, worry and frustration 

Your personal IEP expert will show you how to

Take away the emotions

Level the playing field

Understand the lingo

Understand the testing

Get to know the IEP or 504 document

Set appropriate goals

Know if the district is holding back

Know what to do when you just can't agree on things

Have the peace of mind your child is getting what they need

Remember, the IEP or 504 Plan you agree to will be the cornerstone of your child's educational foundation for the rest of their school years