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Zoom calls are now part of everyday life for many kids and adults.  Here is a list different backgrounds to download and use during your next Zoom call:

Happy Planner -- school themed, floral, and more
Teacher Backgrounds
More Teacher Backgrounds
Assorted Backgrounds -- Canva -- includes floral, scenic, animal, teacher, and more
TV Themed and more -- includes fake living rooms, scenes from TV and more
Iconic Movie Backgrounds
Backgrounds for Kids
Nickelodeon Kids 
Disney Backgrounds
Pixar Backgrounds
Disney Princesses
Disney Parks
Backgrounds from Harry Potter
Sesame Street Backgrounds
Modsy Reimagined Spaces -- faux backgrounds from Friends, Seinfeld, Gilmore Girls, and more
West Elm Backgrounds -- Interior and exterior images
Hello Backgrounds -- various scenes including meeting rooms, libraries, homes, and more
Thomas and Friends
Marvel Backgrounds 
San Diego Zoo Backgrounds