Westside Baptist Church Virtual Eggstravaganza

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April 11, 10:30am

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For parents of preschoolers: On Saturday, April 11, Westside Baptist Church hosts a Virtual Easter Eggstravaganza.  They will begin with a brief Easter message especially for children.  When they are finished with the message, please consider allowing your children to do an Easter egg hunt around your home.  Here are their suggestions for participation:

If you have real eggs or plastic eggs, you can hide the eggs and let the children hunt them in your house or outside your house, just like usual.

If you have plastic eggs, download the “Action Eggs Family Activity Guide.” It will give you instructions on how to have an egg hunt that incorporates the Easter story in a fun way.  (If you don’t have plastic eggs, be creative. Hide mom’s shoes, or anything you can find)

Of course, you may have your own idea and that is fine too

Whatever you do, take some pictures and share them with the church; they would love to see how you celebrated the Eggstravaganza at your house.