Victory Lutheran Preschool

Victory Lutheran Preschool
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Now accepting 3-year olds and VPK 4-year olds. Free VPK 9:00am - 12:15pm.

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Imagine your child growing strong in Jesus, living biblically, thinking critically, acting responsibly, communicating effectively, collaborating well, becoming a life-long learner, and being equipped to excel led by caring teachers.

We have high educational and safety standards for your child to be well-prepared for elementary school and they will be safe on our campus.  We also have good classroom discipline to allow children to have a great learning experience because distractions will be minimized.

Student Focused – Student Outcomes

Emotional & Physical Health: If our children have a strong emotional foundation, they’ll better weather the ups and downs of life and robust health should be appreciated and protected.

Spiritual Health:  An active faith gives a child a framework for loving themselves and others. It gives them a blueprint for living.

Passion for Learning, Good Friends, Joy, and Purpose:  It’s helping our children know they have great value and helping them channel that value into a reason for living.

Wisdom, Hope, and Love: This will allow our children to consider before they act, hope will see our children through the dark days of their lives, and to learn to love, and be loved which focuses on God’s love for them.

- 9:00am-12:15pm
- Extended Care Available

For more enrollment information or to schedule an education consultation, contact our Preschool Director at (904)642-8900 or