The Parenting Shift - Professional Parent Coach

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Helping families turn conflict into cooperation by empowering parents with proven tools that transform lives.

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Parenting is hard. And Exhausting. And Stressful.

And also one of the most amazing and rewarding jobs on the planet

You want to be the best for your kids…Yet life has a way of disconnecting us from what matters.

Do you ever find yourself:

Frustrated, irritated, and short-tempered?
Tired of saying no?
Exhausted by the morning routine or lack of routine?
Wishing there was an easier way?
Wondering if you’re doing a good job?

The Parenting Shift helps you to establish true connection and cooperation in the home; foster an environment that facilitates emotional growth, empathy, intrinsic motivation, a high level of self-confidence and self-worth.

As a parent you want the best for your child. You want them to thrive and succeed in school and in life. You desire your children to be empathetic, value honesty, integrity, and cooperation. You deeply want the best for them however, so many times you don’t feel like you have the right tools or know where to begin.

At the Parenting Shift they know that the struggles you face as a parent can be completely transformed when you are empowered with the right information and tools. Through empowerment, support and proven tools, a permanent a shift is possible at home.

Their process is based on brain science, communication, and empathy. They work with families all over the world to provide the information and support to parent in a new way.