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Bedford Franklin Tutoring Program

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Tutoring is available for all subjects, class and state test prep, homework help, and SAT prep.

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The Bedford Franklin Tutoring Program is a program available for students in the Jacksonville area. This tutoring program uses the help of parents, tutors, and participants to design a tutoring program specifically for that participants academic development and success. The Bedford Franklin tutoring program assists students in all subjects for test prep, homework help, and SAT prep. Group tutoring is available to help participants develop with the help of their designated tutor and peer participants. Group sessions are available Tuesdays and Thursdays at the current Northside location. Personal tutoring is available to assists students on a one-to-one level for maximum academic success. Personal tutoring is available for scheduling at the participants and parent convenience. This low-cost program promises that your child will grow in their learning, understanding, and love for learning. Parents are encouraged to sign up ahead of time to ensure their child has a spot available for a session. Registration is available after parents contact the program director by email. The Bedford Franklin tutoring program looks forward to assisting your child on their journey towards academic success.