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St Augustine Alligator Farm Summer Camp

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June 14 - August 6, 2021
9am - 4pm
Grades 1 - 6

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Camp Build-It
June 14th – 18th
From Legos to Lincoln Logs and from gears to bricks, this camp is perfect for that future engineer in your family who is ready to combine their building skills with the world of animals. Campers will create habitats and exhibits and work together to plan new expansions for the Alligator Farm.

Dragon Week
June 21st – 25th

Come get a close look at one of the Farm’s most famous resident, our Komodo dragon! From the largest lizards, to walking on water or even flying, this week will be full of magic as we explore that fact and fiction of dragons from around the world!

WILD Scientist Week
June 28th – July 2nd

“Fizz, crackle, BOOM”. Grab your white coat and step into the laboratory! This week is all about getting creative and wild with science. From conducting experiments to observing animal behavior this camp is hands-on and encourages campers to think outside the box.

Sharks and Minnows: Just Keep Swimming (Best of 2020)
July 5th – 9th

Is “under the sea” your camper’s speed? In this camp, we will look at the wonders of the ocean and learn all about the amazing predator and prey relationships in the big blue. Be sure your camper is ready to get wet as we will have plenty of water-related activities throughout the day.

Ickology (Best of 2020)
July 12th – 16th

Does your camper enjoy the “yuk” side of science? In our grossest camp ever, we will dive right into the stinky, slimy, and dirty parts of the animal world. This camp is very hands-on so make sure your camper is ready to roll their sleeves up and get down and dirty at the Alligator Farm.

Globe Trotters
July 19th – 23rd

Bon Voyage! Get your passports ready and come take a trip as we visit faraway lands! Each day we will explore different places around the globe and discover cultural differences and the unique animal that live there.

Gator Bowl
July 26th – 30th

AAARE YOUUUU REAAAADY? We’ll sell you the whole seat but you will only need the edge as campers compete in the Alligator Farm’s Zoo Olympics! By the end of the week these young Olympians will take on the zoos best of the best. Think your camper has what it takes? Pack your ‘Gator’aid and prepare for a week full of games.

Jr Zookeeper​​​​​​​
August 2nd – 6th

Time to take the jump into the world of Zookeeping! In this camp, we will study the habitats and behaviors our of zoo animals. Design enrichment, puzzles, and learn all about animal training. Campers will observe our zoo animals and discover what animals need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives here at our park. As our most popular camp, be sure get your spot before it fills up!

Cost: $225 for members, $250 for non-members. Lunch and a snack included. A camp t-shirt is included in each weeklong camp session