Indigo Art Therapy Studio

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Their specialty is helping individuals affected by autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, anxiety, and trauma.

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A Healing Environment

Indigo Art Therapy Studio is located in the heart of Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida.  Their current space includes a sensory room, which converts into an art gallery, a main studio space for group art making, and of plenty cozy corners and cushions for spreading out. Their unique studio provides Indigo artists of all ages the safety and freedom to make messes, make sounds, and express themselves in a supportive, sensory-friendly environment.


When they work with younger artists, the sensory room can be lit with black lights for "glow time", calming sensory down-time for doing art that glows in the dark. The sensory room is also used for exploring their home-made sensory bins full of non-toxic, and sometimes edible, open-ended sensory play materials. They enjoy getting down on the floor and letting kids process feelings and experiences through pretend play!

Art for All

For adults and teens, the sensory room becomes a safe space for creative self-expression, practicing mindfulness-based coping skills, or learning a gentle yoga flow. Individual sessions are personalized to address unique goals and challenges. Formal art abilities are NOT required to benefit from art therapy.​