Fioretto Fencing Academy

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Ages 7 and up.

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Ages 7 and up. Located at Jacksonville Ice and Sportsplex.

Introductory class is designed to give a student a general introduction to the sport of fencing. Once the students completes the introductory class they can choose to continue with the Beginners Program where students will receive further instruction on the basic positions and maneuvers involved in fencing. For the cost of the program the student will get Eight Classes. The student can come Twice a week, Once a week, or may even miss a few weeks, and then come back. 

After completing the eight class program, the student will be familiar with the basics in fencing and will transfer into the Advanced Group Class. The first hour of the group class consists of warm up, drilling, footwork, and instruction by Coach Alan Chernomashentsev, and the second hour is Open Fencing.