Cultivating Minds Co-op

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Homeschool Community
Ages 6 - 12

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Cultivating Minds Co-op is a small homeschool community in North Jacksonville, Florida that meets two full days each week on a 35 acre farm.
Offering a rigorous and enriching academic curriculum, as well as plenty of time for outdoor play and exploration.

A rigorous and enriching NAMC Montessori Curriculum is used to educate Lower and Upper Elementary children (ages 6-12). Students receive lessons in Language Arts, Math, Science, History, Geometry, Geography, Art, and Music. Due to the fluid nature of the groups, each child is placed in the appropriate lessons according to needs and ability, rather than chronological age. Also offered is an optional gardening class before the co-op starts and plenty of outdoor play and exploration.

Please contact for more information regarding joining the community for the 2018 - 2019 school year.