Coastal Prospects Baseball Combat Training

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Short Description

Coastal Prospects is a college placement organization in Northeast, Florida.

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Full Description

Combat training is a dynamic strength and conditioning program specifically for baseball and softball players. It’s Coach Corsi’s 8th year of running combat training in northeast Florida. Over 80% of Coach Corsi’s scholarship players have participated in his Combat Training Program.

Combat Training consists of (10) three hour plus training sessions designed specifically for baseball and softball players to develop their bodies both physically and mentally for the upcoming season.

Combat Training focuses on developing six targeted areas to help your son or daughter become a force on the diamond. Combat Training works on

  • Speed and Agility
  • Dynamic Stretching
  • Increased Explosiveness of Core Muscles
  • Arm Speed/Arm Strength Development
  • Scapular Loading Techniques
  • Proper Biomechanical Techniques for Throwing