Champions Gymnastics

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Offers gymnastics classes, competitive team, birthday parties, summer camps, homeschool classes, preschool recreational classes, and more.

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Rainbow Rec Gymnastics Program - offers levels for the first timer all the way up to the most advanced gymnast. Classes are offered for boys and girls.   Our Rainbow Rec program concentrates on defined skills mastery and student evaluations. Each skill level of this program coincides with a color in the rainbow. Once a gymnast successfully completes all skills in a level, they will graduate to the next color level of the program and commence learning more advanced skills.

Homeschool - The owners of Champions Gymnastics home school their own children, and they recognize the value and importance of the physical activity and social interaction that time in the gym provides for children

Tumbling Classes - Tumbling classes teach the basics of gymnastics from cartwheels to walkovers, handsprings and eventually aerials, tucks and layouts. These classes will help you limber up, gain strength, and have a great time while learning new skills.

M.O.M. - Munchins on the Move - This class is for children 12 months to 4 years. It teaches basic gymnastics skills, following directions and working in a group.  Children are accompanied by adults during the entire class.