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Camp Kesem FSU & UF

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July 31 - August 5, 2022
Ages 6 - 16

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Camp Kesem at FSU
07/31/2022 - 08/05/2022

Camp Kesem at the University of Florida
05/30/2022 - 06/04/2022

Ages 6 - 16. Camp Kesem is a FREE week of summer camp for children whose parents have or have had cancer. It is run by students at FSU and UF who have spent the year doing everything from planning camp to fundraising all the expenses to make it happen.  There are over 3 million kids affected by a parent’s cancer. But, because they don’t appear sick, their needs are often not addressed – and they suffer quietly, which can have long-lasting effects. Camp Kesem is the only national organization supporting their unique needs. They create a peer support network for these kids which has life-long impact. 

Kesem at Home programming will be offered at both the chapter and the national level. Chapters will each have their own unique schedule and each camper will have a schedule tailored to them. Campers must apply to take part in chapter programming. Kesem at Home national programming will feature twice weekly live and recorded online activities, social media interaction, and offline activities for campers and constituents. There is no registration required for Kesem at Home national programming, visit our social media pages for more information. 

Kesem at Home is a program designed to allow children impacted by a parent’s cancer the opportunity to build connections and relationships, provide avenues for self-expression and reflection, and to have fun with other kids who are going through similar experiences through online video chats, group phone calls, and offline activities. This is a virtual program that brings the support of Kesem to the homes of our campers, where they will participate in interactive activities and discussions with other campers and their counselors as well as activities they can take offline to complete by themselves or with their family. 

Our campers will still be given some of their favorite opportunities to share in such as "Cabin Chats" (facilitated by our trained student leaders and held with others their age) and an Empowerment Ceremony, both intended to embrace the community created at Kesem at Home.