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BrainFit Training and Consulting
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Is your child behind in Reading? Our research proven software and gentle private tutoring will improve Memory, Attention, Processing, Sequencing, and Fluency which are the real reasons students have difficulties.

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For over three years BrainFit Training has provided a unique combination of on-line web based software and one-on-one tutoring designed to meet the individual needs of our clients based on our assessments, data generated by our Fast ForWord® and Reading Assistant® software, teachers, parents and other care givers. Because our services are individualized we are able to service a wide variety of clients with vastly differing learning needs. Our services include on-line language arts, math, science, and social studies review software for all grade levels.

No contracts are required.
1st month’s service includes assessment and placement.
Weekly progress reports with performance data included. Free daily reports are available upon request.
Numerous research studies have demonstrated our software to be effective.
Fast ForWord® and Reading Assistant® span from pre-K to 12th grade and focus on developing the cognitive skills of memory, attention, processing speed, and sequencing.
A weekly minimum of three 30-minute online sessions are needed but additional time speeds up the skill development.
References provided. Ask to speak with some of our parents.

Our staff is certified by Scientific Learning in the use of our software. We are retired educators with years of experience in developing English language and reading skills for all grade levels. We are not psychologists or doctors; however, we will work with other care givers to target the needs of our clients. We strongly recommend that all of our clients have an in depth vision and hearing screening prior to starting our services to make sure that there is not a physical reason for the learning issues.

Our clients range from pre-kindergarten to adult. However, extensive research indicates that the earlier an intervention is started the easier the problem is to fix. Nationally clients using our software see average gains of one year in 8 to 12 weeks. Because of the targeted tutoring interventions our clients usually see faster improvement. We provide individualized services targeted to the following clients:

High school students needing advanced reading and language skills for advanced courses.
Students who are underperforming and not succeeding academically.
Students who have Autism spectrum disorders.
Students displaying attention deficit disorders.
Students who are home schooled and need a strong foundation in language and reading.
Adults who need to improve reading and language skills or those who need to improve memory, attention, sequencing, and processing speed.

What is academic brain fitness?

Content knowledge, critical thinking, study skills and vocabulary in all subject areas
Ability to analyze, draw conclusions and problem solve
Ability to organize and apply information
Create and deliver effective oral and written communications
Self-motivation and self-discipline
Improved memory, attention, sequencing and processing speeds working with large amounts of text

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