Boks Kids: Free Running Guides for Kids

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Free Running Guides for Kids

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Boks is a free physical activity program designed to get kids active and establish a lifelong commitment to health and fitness.  Sign up for free to receive access to all BOKS resources online in the Trainer Hub including lesson plans, videos, print out, training modules, and registration forms & certificates. 

The Traditional BOKS Program includes weekly lesson plans that provide up to 45 minutes of physical activity that can be done wherever kids are – at home, school or out of school programs. You will also have access to our BOKS Nutrition  Bits, Yoga & Mindfulness, and virtual on-boarding and curricula training for parents, teachers, staff, and trainers.

BOKS Bursts are quick 1-10 minute activities that can be done throughout the day. Enroll to access the full library of bursts in addition to receiving a weekly Burst email and monthly calendar.

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