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The Autobahn Indoor Speedway STEM Academy (AISSA) is a field trip based curriculum developed by highly experienced STEM educators. This Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) aligned curriculum will give your 3rd through 12th grade students not only a hands-on driving experience but also an entertaining way to enhance learning. Onsite restaurant with food option available.

How it works:

Starting with a 30 minute, instructor-led educational class, students will participate and learn about the multiple subject areas involved in racing and how they relate to each other. This includes:

  • The History of racing and background knowledge
  • The Science behind speed, acceleration and friction
  • Newton’s Laws of Motion (first, second and third)
  • Momentum
  • Mathematics (degrees, angles and turns)
  • Reading/Language Arts (racing vocabulary, safety and terminology)

Students will get take-home notes, sample problems, and above all, a complete hands-on experience that allows them to apply what they have learned to real life.

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