Acro Fit Kids Summer Camp

Acro Fit Kids Summer Camp
Acro Fit Kids Summer Camp
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June 3 - August 9, 2024
8am - 4pm
Ages 7 - 12

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Full day: 8am-4pm Half day AM or PM: 8am-12pm or 1pm-4pm
Ages 7-12


Offering discounted sibling rates and discounted rates for autopay and paid-in-full options. In Acro Fit summer camps and classes, your child will learn: - Elements of handbalancing, yoga, martial arts, creative movement, flow arts, juggling, and wellness science - Fundamental motor skills and appropriately leveled skill combinations like balancing with eyes closed, throwing/catching while balancing - Use complex movement concepts in dance, gymnastics, and multi-action tasks such as jump-squats, side rolls, and controlled push/pull actions - Understand basic health-related fitness concepts like maintaining balance between rest and activity, as well as injury prevention - Embrace and accept themselves and others with different abilities during physical activities, while celebrating unique talents - Recognize the advantages of leading a physically active life