80+ Fun Activities for Kids to do at Home

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From Pathways.org

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While your family may be spending a lot more time at home these days, your child can still stay energized and on track with their development through engaging activities.  Pathways.org presents a list of kid friendly activities, including Indoor Activities When Kids Can’t Go Outside, Activities to Help Your Child Wind Down, 5 Ways Spring Cleaning Can Help Your Child’s Development, 7 Ideas to Make Story Time Fun, How Kids Can Help in the Kitchen, Tips on How to Encourage Kids to be Physically Active, 6 Car Games: How to Turn Car Rides into Playtime, Sensory Fun in the Tub, How to Get Siblings Playing Together at Home, Earth Day Activities, Fun Summer Activities that Promote Learning, Playing with Your Food—and Senses, Fun Activities for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and more.  

Pathways.org provides free tools to maximize all children's motor, sensory, and communication development.  Their mission is to empower parents to understand and encourage their baby’s development to keep them on track or catch potential delays early. Their goal is to ensure that every child is screened for motor, sensory, and communication development by 4 months of age, taking advantage of baby’s neuroplasticity.