Voyage to the Deep at MOSH

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Voyage to the Deep at MOSH

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Based on French author Jules Verne’s 1870 classic 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, the exhibition brings to life the deep-sea adventures of Captain Nemo, his fantastical Nautilus submarine and the mythical world he inhabited.

At the center of this fantasy world is the giant Nautilus where kids can climb aboard and discover the inner workings of a deep-sea submersible… they can take up the controls at the helm, peer through the periscopes, crank the propeller, test out the bunks and explore Captain Nemo’s Cabinet of Curiosities full of wonderful marine specimens. There’s even a bubbly pipe organ to play and a galley full of strange foods to discover.

Kids can then slip on a dive suit and venture through the world below the waves including the octopus’ garden with its giant clam shell, a giant squid to slide down and then wander through the maze of seaweed in the kelp forest. They can also hunt for treasure in the wreck of the Spanish galleon or explore the lost world of Atlantis.

Verne’s submarine was a fantastical craft with a basis in genuine technologies. This exhibition will present both the fantasy and the facts, allowing visitors to explore both Verne’s imaginary world and the real-life wonders of exploring the oceans. They’ll discover what it takes to operate a submarine and learn about the underwater world as it would be seen from inside an imaginary deep-sea exploration vessel.

The exhibition is designed to provide a range of interactive experiences including; full-body interactions, mechanical and electro-mechanical exhibits, interactive projections and touchscreens.

Voyage to the Deep – Underwater Adventure is a traveling exhibition from Australian National Maritime Museum and toured internationally by FLYING FISH.

Tickets are available for advance reservation.  Tickets are only valid for the date and time specified. A digital confirmation and timed tickets will be emailed. Guests please bring your printed or digital ticket at your selected time.

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September 17 thru January 8