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Junior Beekeepers Club

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Junior Beekeepers Club

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Children ages 8 and up are invited for a Junior Beekeepers Club.  Participants will meet one Saturday a month.  Kids will learn all about bees, how to be a successful beekeeper, and get to make various products from the harvests such as salves, chapstick, beeswax wraps, pollinator seed bombs, candles, soap, and more.  Cost is $35/class ($25/additional sibling).  The farm is located near the Beach Blvd and St John's Bluff intersection, however, the exact address is only given after registration in one of the events.

Children with permission from parents and required safety gear, will be able to get a little closer to the hives and be present during inspections and when it's time to harvest the honey. However, participation in these "hive days" is not mandatory and will be considered extra days, so if you opt out of this portion your child will not be missing out on our regularly scheduled class days. Any child wanting this interactive experience with the hive will be required to purchase a bee suit, gloves and boots.

February 5, 12noon to 3pm
March 5, 12noon to 3pm
April 9, 12noon to 3pm
May 7, 12noon to 3pm
June 4, 12noon to 3pm