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Intro to AP Exams

Thursday, April 15th, 2021 at 6:00PM

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Intro to AP Exams

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Advancement Placement® (AP) Exams are a crucial part of preparing for higher education.  High scores can lead to college credit and opportunities to skip introductory college courses.  In this free webinar, an AP expert will teach you exactly what the APs are, why they matter, and how to succeed on these rigorous, college-level assessments.  You’ll also learn how colleges around the country use the APs to award credit and place students in upper-division courses; how the scoring system works—and what each score means for your child; the particular structure and format of the tests; and strategies to help your child prepare and maximize their chances of getting a high score.  Free to attend the online webinar, but please register in advance. 

April 15, 6pm and 9pm