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Doktor Kaboom! It’s Just Rocket Science

May 8, 2021 (Daily)

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Doktor Kaboom! It’s Just Rocket Science

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FSCJ Artist Series presents a virtual performance of Doktor Kaboom! It's Just Rocket Science.  Doktor Kaboom uses the excitement of rocketry to present Newton’s Laws of Motion in multiple, over-the-top, demonstrations. Each of Newton’s 3 laws is clearly explained, comically demonstrated, and followed by a DIY project that students can do as a class, in groups, or individually.  The show is presented online.  Video 1 features The Law of Inertia, Video 2 demonstrates The Law of Acceleration, and Video 3 covers The Law of Action and Reaction.  The website has Educational Companions designed to enhance the learning experience, including an educator's resource guide, lesson plans & guide for each of the three videos, It's Just Rocket science glossary, and practice math problems for use with Video 2.  A viewing link will be emailed when the program goes live.  The link can be shared within your group to view with ease in a classroom, home, or on a mobile device.  Cost to view the presentation is $6 per Individual, $15 per Homeschool Group Household (3-6 students), $75 per Classroom (15-40 students), and $300 per Grade Level of a School (100 or more students).  

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Thru May 26