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Da Vinci Machines & Robotics

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Da Vinci Machines & Robotics

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The Da Vinci Machines & Robotics exhibition proudly presents in excess of 60 machines from original da Vinci drawings. The exhibit features his amazing flying machines, nautical, hydraulic and architectural innovations, ground-breaking applications of civil engineering and incredible war machines.  Tickets to the museum are available for advance reservation.  Children 2 and Under are free and do not require a ticket for admission. 

This unique exhibition brings together the latest discoveries of lost Leonardo inventions, such as his mechanical drumming robot, with his most iconic inventions and artworks such as the helicopter, bicycle, military tank, scuba suit and the Mona Lisa.  

Click here for information on the exhibit from Artisans of Florence

Click here for MOSH ticket information and hours

September 18 through January 15