Bite-Size Science Virtual Program

May 30, 2024 (Daily)

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Bite-Size Science Virtual Program

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A 15-episode series of curriculum-related 10-15 minute videos covering life science topics such as cheetah adaptations, ocean food chains, wetlands, monarch butterflies, pollination, and much more. Each video features one of Lucas Miller, the Singing Zoologist's, songs and an entertaining science lesson.  The series includes over three hours of content, curriculum connections including Florida Standards, animations, nature footage, quizzes and a study guide with activities and additional resources.  The series is geared for students in  K-5 (ages 5 and 11).  Pricing is $6 per child.  

A viewing link will be emailed with instructions on how to access the virtual program. The link can be shared within your group to view with ease in a classroom, home, or on a mobile device.

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August 14, 2023 - May 31, 2024