Behavioral Detective Social Skills Club

Thursday, February 23rd, 2023 at 5:30PM

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Behavioral Detective Social Skills Club

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Behavioral Detective Social Skills Club focuses on teaching students important social skills for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or related disabilities (that are conversationally appropriate) ages 8 to 12. Students learn how to be “Behavioral Detectives” and develop strategies for dealing with difficult social situations. Participants will be given strategies on how to initiate interactions and conversations, stay on topic, think from another’s point of view, read other’s nonverbal language, give compliments and take criticism, take responsibility and let go of control, and how to accept making mistakes and apologize when they’ve been made. Additional topics covered include dealing with anger, being a friend, understanding sarcasm, jargon and teasing, and learning to be a self-advocate. The Club utilizes several different instructional methods including visual organizers, ABA ideals, interactive games, peer support, and video modeling.

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February 23, March 29, April 27, May 25, and June 22, 5:30pm