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Youth Safety Course

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Youth Safety Course

There are crimes being committed against our youth right here in Jacksonville and one of the best things we can do to prevent this is to teach our children and equip them.

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All a parent or grandparent has to do these days is turn on the news or check their Facebook newsfeed to know that times have changed and our kids aren't growing up in the safer environment that most of us had as children. Free reign and roam in the neighborhood just isn't safe anymore. It's sad, but true. There are crimes being committed against our youth right here in Jacksonville and one of the best things we can do to prevent this is to teach our children and equip them . . . not with scare tactics, but in a healthy and empowering way that will help them make wise decisions that can prevent dangerous scenarios from occurring and help them get out of dangerous situations should they occur. That is what this Youth Safety Course is all about. 

We at Safety First CPR & Safety Training have already been partnered with Paradigm Tactical Training Group for several years to provide our Women & Teen Girls Safety Course to the community and it has become very popular.  But, time and again, we would have parents asking us if they could bring their younger children to the class.  So, we saw the need for a class geared towards younger kids and asked the guys at Paradigm to put one together.  This course is the result.

This Youth Safety Course is for boys and girls ages 7-12, and it is taught by professional law enforcement officers who are also fathers and aren’t planning to scare the children in their teaching methods.  They will be teaching them various things that they can do and things they should be aware of that can help them avoid becoming a victim.  They will also divide the class into boys and girls and provide tactical training on how to strike back and/or get away from an attacker or an abductor.  These officers have a combined 50+ years of experience in law enforcement and quite a bit of that is/was as SWAT Team officers.  They have valuable insight into the criminal mind from pursuing criminals and/or interviewing them over the years and the information they can bestow on our children to help prevent tragedies is priceless.  We invite you to register your child(ren) for this course ASAP.  Space is limited to the first 20, so don't wait to register!  It may save a life.

Date: Sat, June 10, 10:00a-12:00p

Location:  Keller Williams Realty Office in Mandarin, 2950 Halcyon Lane, Suite 102, Jacksonville, FL 32223

Info & Registration:

Price: Early Bird rate through 5/27 - $35.  Regular rate - $45.