Local Farm Uses Sustainable Agriculture

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Local Farm Uses Sustainable Agriculture

Angela TenBroeck and Richard Blaudow of Traders Hill Farm in Hilliard started with a revolutionary idea...

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To convert North Florida’s abandoned farmland and henhouses into sustainable aquaponic farms whose products grow faster, taste better, last longer and waste nothing. By turning fish water into plant food, they deliver delicious, difficult-to-grow produce year-round but require zero soil, pesticides or herbicides, and they use just 10% of the water of traditional farms.

TenBroeck was teaching at Mayport Middle School when she met Blaudow, an entrepreneur who cofounded Advanced Technology Services in Illinois, leader in factory maintenance and IT services. He had just bought a 100-acre farm on the St. Marys River in Nassau County that had a couple of former chicken houses.

They wanted to do something exciting with the farm and they truly have.  On their website TenBroeck touts the process with missionary zeal, saying she hopes others with take an interest and the process will spread.

The produce from Traders Hill Farm is considered one of the safest in the world because of the rigorous evaluation process they go through.  TenBroeck and Blaudow are also raising Certified Animal Welfare Approved laying hens at Traders Hill. The hens' constant access to pasture with plenty of room to perform natural behaviors like running, foraging, pecking, dust bathing, and scratching for grubs and seeds under the Florida sunshine, results in pasture management far better for animal welfare and less likely to cause environmental degradation. It results in better tasting, more nutritious eggs, too. 

You can purchase seasonal, organic lettuces and herbs, grown without the use of pesticides every Wednesday from 9am - 11am. Product delivery is also available at locations throughout Jacksonville and at Native Sun markets. Tours of the farm are also offered on Wednesdays from 9am - 11am and school group tours are available to teach children about farming and conservation.

Call Angela TenBroeck at 904-845-2627 for product delivery or to schedule your group tour. Visit Traders Hill Farm online at http://www.tradershillfarm.com.