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Community Profile: Safe Future Foundation
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“Your future looks so bright!” is what they say at Safe Future Foundation, Inc. With a passion for being a part of the solution, The Safe Future Foundation keeps their hearts and minds focused on the success of others by offering a wide arrange of resources to individuals within the community.

The mission of a Safe Future Foundation, Inc. includes efforts that are geared towards alleviating hunger, helping young minds matriculate, maintaining a cleaner earth and providing expectant mothers with a positive outlook on motherhood. Their goal is to continue to engage families, empower parents, and work together to tackle challenges in real ways, so we can create the sea of change necessary for every person to live, give, and grow to their fullest potentials.

Safe Future Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization that distributes diapers and period supplies through a network of community, non-profit, educational, and health care partner organizations that are serving low-income women and children with comprehensive, evidence based programming proven to strengthen and stabilize families and give children healthy and happy beginnings.

If families are struggling to provide diapers for their children, they are likely struggling with many other needs essential for health and well-being. Because of this, Safe Future Foundation works with community distribution partners such as Target, Episcopal Children’s Services, and more. When families don’t have to worry about where to get diapers, period supplies, and food, they are free to focus more intention and effort on meeting the goals of their engagement in their partner programs.

Some of Safe Future Foundation’s FREE activities & community involvement include Food Drives, Community Baby Showers, Adopt-A-Road Participants, Food-Diaper Pantry, Youth College Tours, Teacher Supply Giveaways, and much more. Here are just a few of their programs:

·Food Pantry: Safe Future Mobile Food Pantry Program directly serves clients in areas of high need in an effort to alleviate hunger. Their mobile pantry serves seniors, children, and individuals in need. If you or a loved one are in need of food, see their website for more details to view food giveaway dates

·Period Program: Safe Future provides access to feminine hygiene products to women and girls. Period poverty refers to the inadequate access to menstrual hygiene tools and educations, including but not limited to sanitary products, washing facilities, and waste management. Through education and advocacy, we can greatly improve access to hygiene facilities and products, reduce stigma and shame, and encourage education about menstruation.

·Diaper Program: One of the missions of Safe Future is to raise the community's awareness of the need for diapers to assist low income families in meeting their diaper needs. In 2018, they started offering free community baby showers that provided expectant mothers a better outlook on motherhood. Diapers are currently distributed every Wednesday during their food giveaways and through partner agencies.

·Youth College Tours: Youth College Tours provides youth with knowledge and wisdom needed to determine what opportunities awaits them. Safe Future believes that every student must be committed to maximizing their potential. *Note: Tour dates cancelled due to COVID-19.

A Safe Future believes volunteer work is the cornerstone that joins charitable service and hard work. While an individual generally does not receive compensation for volunteer hours, the rewards of service go far beyond that of monetary payment. To sign up visit!

If you are unable to volunteer, a Safe Future Foundation makes it easy to donate:

  • By Mail: PO Box 10333, Jacksonville, FL 32247
  • Online: Make a tax deductible donation.
  • Over the Phone: 904-803-0034

Visit their website for more information on this wonderful foundation, their upcoming events, programs, and more.