Bite-Size Science: Virtual Summer Edition by The Singing Zoologist

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Bite-Size Science: Virtual Summer Edition by The Singing Zoologist
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Children’s author, musician, and influencer Lucas Miller (who really does have a zoology degree), is on a mission to cultivate and nurture young scientists! His creative videos, smart songwriting, and energetic teaching delight animal lovers of all ages. Kids adore his live-wire energy, and adults love the wealth of science he weaves into each song and story.

This three-episode series contains videos that are all animal- and-bug themed. Each video is 10 to 15 minutes and features one of Lucas' songs and interactive science fun as only the singing zoologist can deliver!

​The program includes 40 minutes of video content, an interactive guide with curriculum connections (FL Standards), fun activities that can be done with young campers, as well as nature challenges that can be combined with your outdoor camp fun.

Episode 1: Monarchs–On-Location!
Episode 2: Adaptations: Cheetahs
Episode 3: Ocean Food Chain: Sharks

Program Length: 40 minutes of video content and an interactive study guide with hours of fun and learning

Ages: Best for ages 5 through 11 (Grades K-5)

How to Watch: A viewing link will be emailed with instructions on how to access the virtual program. The link can be shared within your group to view with ease in a classroom, home, or on a mobile device.

$6 per Individual
$15 per Homeschool Group Household (3-6 children)
$75 per Classroom (15-30 students)
$250 per Grade Level of a School (50-100 students)
$650 per School (K-5)

For questions, call 904-632-5050 or email